Our lighting outlet has implemented an automatic discount system.

Discounts are given based on the value of products in the shopping basket or on the performance of one of two actions. Discounts do not add up.

Based on:
•    subscribing to our newsletter: 2%

Based on:
•    registering with our store: 4%

Discounts based on the value of the shopping basket:
•    From PLN 500: 6%
•    From 1,000: 7%
•    From 1,500: 8%
•    From 2,000: 9%
•    From 2,500: 10%

Discounts add up neither with each other nor with discounts based on subscribing to the newsletter or registering with the store.
Apart from the foregoing, regular customers can get:
•    a fixed discount
and if your single purchase order is very large (by way of individual e-mail negotiations – write to
•    a one-off discount to be used in a particular purchase order (a code has to be provided when confirming the purchase order).

Should you forget to use a discount code, e-mail us and we will apply it manually. Should you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at

Come and light yourself up!