1. How often do new products appear on the website of the Lighting Outlet?

We update our range of products a few times a year. In the physical store, even every week you can find new items and lighting designs. Huge updates to our range of products are communicated both on the website and on Facebook.

2. Are lamps new or are they sold as returned or defective?

We sell only new and high-quality lamps. In the case of a mistake in readying products for shipment in our warehouse resulting in you getting a defective product, we take it back at our cost, refund the price paid in full, and, if you request so and we are able to do so, we send a new product. In the physical store, however, we also sell ex-demo, sometimes refurbished lamps without packaging. But then you see what you are buying and the price is much lower.

3. Why are lamps often so cheap? Even by 70%.

From time to time, we receive a return of large quantities of non-unpacked products from stores which overestimated their expected sales. Sometimes, the original price is too high and the product is not purchased so often, but sometimes we just want to make our customers happy.

4. Can I see the products available online in real life?

A great portion of the product range is available in our physical store in Warsaw, Poland (Okęcie/Opacz), near the ITALUX store located at ul. Rebusowa 3. It is open once a week, every Saturday. If you wish to see a particular product, please send us an email or call us earlier, we will prepare it for you.

5. Are there other products in the physical store than the ones available on your website?

Yes, in our physical store there is a wide variety of products; they can be samples/ lighting designs, ex-demo lamps, returned lamps or lamps without original packaging. That is why they are adequately cheaper.

6. Will I have a guarantee for the products you sell?

All our products are covered by a two-year guarantee.

7. Can you send me additional information about the products?

Of course, you can use the product request link or contact us by email or phone with regard to a product you are interested in.

8. Can I request you for additional photographs of a product I am interested in?

Yes, please email us your request.

9. Where do your products come from?

We are an ITALUX Lighting Outlet – one of the largest lighting manufacturers and distributors in Poland. All our products are or were a part of the products offered by ITALUX.

10. Do lamps have the source of light?

It depends on a product. In most cases, on our website you can find information whether or not a particular lamp has the source of light. If it says that the source of light is in the set and you do not receive it, we will put right our mistake and send you the source of light free of charge. If the set does not include the source of light, you can buy one at our store or on our website. If you are not sure whether or not a given source of light fits, please contact us – we will help you.

11. Are lamps accompanied by a manual?

Yes, all lamps we offer online are sold with manuals. If you purchase at our physical store a sample product or a product without packaging, then, unfortunately, you should consider it a used lamp that is not accompanied by a manual. However, all lamps purchased at are accompanied by manuals.

12. Can I replace standard bulbs with energy-efficient ones?

Yes, we can offer you energy-efficient bulbs. If you wish so, we will gladly help you choose the right bulb for your lamp.

13. What does IP stand for?

It stands for Ingress Protection. It is a rating defined by a double-digit IP symbol. The first digit defines protection against solids (in compliance with PN-EN 60529:2003). The second digit defines protection against water penetration (in compliance with PN-EN 60529:2003). It is worth considering an IP rating when purchasing products for bathrooms, exteriors or other places that need to be protected against solids or water penetration. Should you have any doubts as to which IP rating you need for a product you are interested in, please contact us, we will help you.

Purchases, returns, complaints

1. What is the purchase order processing time?

We are very proud of this part of our services; all the products we offer online are available in our warehouse and it takes us 1 business day to process a purchase order. Sometimes, in unexpected circumstances, it can take 2 business days. Then, all depends on a courier company and a distance to travel.

2. Can I pay via card on the website?

Naturally. At our store, payments are processed by PayPal and it is possible to pay via all the available payment channels, including cards.

3. Which forms of payment do you accept?

All of those accepted by PayPal.

4. Can I return a product if I decide it is not what I was looking for?

Naturally. You can do it within 14 days of receipt. Within this time period, you can withdraw from an agreement without giving a reason, by submitting a relevant notice. The product may be returned via your account and order history or by filling in a form to be downloaded HERE and sending it to the following address: If you decide to withdraw from an agreement, you bear the costs of such return. Please put the original packaging in an extra box; if there is no need to do so, before placing any required stickers and markings of the courier company please wrap the original packaging with non-transparent film. Returns may be sent to:
ITALUX Lighting Outlet
ul. Rebusowa 3
02-292 Warszawa
with a note: “Outlet Return”

5. Will the discounts on the products I purchased change if I decide to cancel a part of the purchase order?

We consider every situation one by one. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to ask.

6. When am I going to receive a refund for the products returned?

If you withdraw from an agreement, you will be refunded all the payments you made, including the delivery costs, but it will be the least expensive delivery costs available when making a purchase (except for personal collection). You will be refunded immediately and not later than 14 days from the date when you informed us of withdrawal from the agreement. The refund will be made via the same channel as in the original transaction, unless you request your refund to be made via different channel; in no case will you be additionally charged. We reserve the right to suspend your refund until we receive the product being returned or until you duly confirm in writing that you sent it to us. /p>

7. Can I try a product in my house?

We do not borrow products to “try” them. Pursuant to the applicable law, the customer purchasing a product outside a physical store (on the Internet) is entitled to see and evaluate the product in the same way s/he could do it at the physical store. In the case of many lighting products, their unpacking, checking their colour, materials, dimensions, and other features that can be assessed that way are not a problem. However, installation of a product and its subsequent uninstallation could decrease its value. When it comes to other products, e.g. made of crystal, once assembled, the lamp cannot be restored to its original state. Therefore, the customer is liable to the seller for any decrease in the value of a product resulting from its use in an inadequate manner. In such a case, we have the right – though we have never exercised it yet – to charge the customer with extra costs for the decrease in the value.

8. Can I negotiate the price?

Of course. Please email us which product you are interested in and we will try to offer you an additional discount.

9. Can I pay via card at the physical store?


10. How can I get a discount on the products I want to purchase?

Discounts are calculated automatically and are as follows:
2% for subscribing to our newsletter
4% for registering with our website
PLN 500-999 – 6%
PLN 1000-1499 – 7%
PLN 1500-1999 – 8%
PLN 2000-2499 – 9%
PLN 2500< – 10%

11. At what time is the physical store open?

The Lighting Outlet is open every Saturday (except for holidays) from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Collection and shipment

1. Do you ship to countries not mentioned in the list of countries?

Yes, we can do that. You can choose your country when completing a purchase order. However, the final shipment costs will be provided when we precisely calculate the weight and size of the packaged products.

2. To which countries do you currently ship?

All the countries we ship to can be found under this link:

3. How much does shipping cost?

It depends on a EUR-PLN exchange rate applicable on a given day. The final shipment costs may change after completing and weighing the products ordered; we will notify you of them. If they turn out to be too high, we will immediately refund you all the money you spent.

4. My country is not in the list of countries, what can I do about it?

Please send us a request for pricing the shipment to your country, we will check the prices and quantities and we will inform you how much it would cost.